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Work, Dress, Flame Resistant, Clean Room, Food Processing, Health Care

There is no initial investment on your part and no contract to sign. We deliver your clean uniforms folded and shrink wrapped in order to save you space. Folded garments take up about 40% less space than garments on hangers. We take care of all cleaning, repairs, size changes, color changes, replacements, and delivery for a flat weekly charge with no hidden fees. You can place any of these orders using our online web portal for no additional charge. 

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Classic, Logo, Scraper, Anti-Fatigue 

70% of the dirt that enters your facility is tracked in on people's shoes (one pound for every 1,000 people). Professionally maintained mats reduce that tracked in dirt by 80%, saving up to $800 in maintenance costs for every pound of dirt stopped. 

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Direct Sales

Embroidery, Screen Printing and Digital Printing

Come to us for any product you want to add your logo to. Add a high quality logo to your rental or purchase garments for only a small added cost. We do all of our own embroidery to ensure the highest quality product. If you have many employees who will be purchasing items with your company logo, we will set up an online store free of charge to eliminate the administrative burden of organizing all their orders and free up your time.

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Cleaning of Customer-Owned Goods

Gloves, Lab Coats, Clean Room Garments

Glove reconditioning is an environmentally friendly way to help your company save money. The cost of cleaning a glove can be anywhere from 50% to 200% cheaper than buying new gloves. Rather than purchasing disposable lab coats and coveralls for your company, we can also launder those items at a significant discount.


Shop, Microfiber, Roller, Hand, Bath, Wash Cloth

West Michigan Uniform provides a number of inexpensive, durable products to assist your business with all of your specific towel service needs. We help you reduce your in-house maintenance and improve efficiency by providing a full range of high-quality shop, hand, roller, glass and microfiber towels to fulfill any of your workplace clean-up needs. 

Facility Services

Mops, Soap, Paper, Air Fresheners

We are a full-service product supply company and are aware of all of the challenges and needs of the everyday business owner, office manager and facilities director to maintain a sanitary work environment for both employees and customers. Our commitment to excellence includes high-quality custodial products and services such as floor mops, soap products and dispensers, paper goods and air fresheners to assist your organization in the maintenance and upkeep of a clean and hygienic workplace. 

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